About GLRenz

First rule of firefighting is to never enter a burning building alone. Sometimes rules must be broken, much like writing.

Captain GLRenz

I served the city of Milwaukee for twenty-eight years as a firefighter, retiring as a fire captain. During my career, I received a number of awards. After experiencing how my words affected people when I shared my stories at the awards ceremonies, I knew I had to learn how to do that on the page. Over the past seven years, I’ve been taking creative writing classes through the University of Wisconsin and attended numerous conferences and writing workshops to improve my skills in this extremely challenging craft of fiction writing.

An excerpt of my novel, Where Hot Bricks Fly, won first place honors in the writing contest at the University of Wisconsin Writer’s Institute conference in April of 2015 and will be published in the 2016 issue of The Midwest Review. I also received a first place award for my nonfiction entry, Core Awakening: the story of the miraculous rescue of two little boys from their burning basement bedroom.